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To whom it may concern,

It has come to my attention that a party seems to be the way people get to know each other.
I would like to hold one and am looking into normal party games... Perhaps a sleepover would be best.
Please, all are invited.


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<s> orochimaru-san was in a horrible car accident today, we got him to the hospital on time though...</s>

Did anyone see the newspaper...that's horrible.
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I broke my arm on my last mission weekend getaway...this bites...

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I was away on a secret mission for the government ill but I'm fine now...I hope it won't be too annoying catching up with my classes ^_^
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Interesting day. *satisfied smile* I do hope he calls me back...*slight smirk*
though next time I think I'll let him do me without the prep....

Target found, contact made. Awaiting results
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Apparently there is a party. This would most likely be a good time to gauge the sympathies of the average teenager

I suppose I'll go...It could be amusing.

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My current name is Sai, how quaint. Is a name really necessary? All it is is a word for people to call you when something goes wrong. Something you can drop and pick up a new one at any time.
I've had many names but I am normally known as 9147 in the underground spy network ROOT's.America is concerned about the japanese government and anti-US feelings now that Japan has gotten itself back on it's feet after the long ago World War 2.
We were sent to gain inside information on this and report back as well as to take out certain targets suspected of aiding terrorists in the States. I was picked because of my Japanese heritage. I wouldn't stand out as a gaijin would and would fit in better in many of the places we may have to go...Someone's coming!

encrypting....hiding...opening unfinishedpoetry.doc

The world is colorless in my eyes,
the green of grass the blue of skies
mean nothing against the weight of time
the heart can see

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